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Welcome to Abelson Legal Search!  We are delighted to begin a dialogue with you, whether you are actively seeking a new position, hoping to hire a new employee or just investigating the process and/or your potential options. There are as many reasons why we have been named “Best Legal Recruiter” by The Legal Intelligencer in every single poll of their readers as there are happy lawyers, satisfied law firm and corporate legal departments and delighted paralegals who have used our services since 1990.  

The reasons for using a skilled, established recruiter basically are the same whether you are a job seeker or an employer looking to hire.  With internet job boards, direct employer postings, on-line resume files and even classified advertisements, it may be tempting to believe these sources might be a solution to your hiring issues.  They are not. 

The Abelson Advantage: 

  • assured confidentiality; no other job source guarantees that critical protection;
  • access to information about people and positions not available anywhere else;
  • the services of a team dedicated to you, not only to your current job requirements, but, also to your long-term personal and professional objectives;
  • marketing what you need, whether it’s your skills, your personality, your company’s promise, or your law firm’s reputation and collegiality;
  • objectivity in assessing you, your presentation and the fit;
  • the ability to see from the outside what on the inside will be most effective in representing you;
  • the best use of your resources, especially your valuable time;
  • variety of options – full or part-time, permanent or contract positions for attorneys, paralegals and some other legal professionals;
  • the same kind of expertise and knowledge lawyers bring to their clients rather than expecting them to find what they need online or in a do-yourself manual.

Abelson Legal Search serves employers and job seekers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

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