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"Thank you so much for touching base with me regarding the aforesaid. I remain continually impressed with you and your firm's professional and personal integrity and professionalism. It is so very refreshing! I too look forward to continuing to work with you and your firm in my current search for my next permanent career opportunity."
Attorney, 2001 Graduate, Villanova University School of Law


Job seekers often are curious about the exact process involved in using a skilled legal recruiter. More Reasons For Working With Abelson Legal Search is a lengthy description of our system, but, if you are interested in a briefer explanation, there are four basic steps:

Review - we have listened to our candidate law firm or corporate law department and know exactly what they are seeking. We carefully examine your credentials and interests to see if there is a match. We may identify you through our existing data base, or place a "cold call." We will not waste your time or ours with a cold call about a position that won't interest you.

Interview - we will speak with you, at length, either on the telephone or in person, to tell you about the position, the office environment and the long-term career potential.

Counsel - we may ask you tough questions about your objectives, but we will listen carefully, paying attention to everything you really want in your next position.

Match - if you are interested and we think you have what our client is seeking, we will present you to the client, but only with your specific approval. At every stage in the process, your confidentiality has been carefully protected. In our cover letter, we will tell our client everything we think is important for them to know, including our positive evaluations of you. You now are an "endorsed" Abelson Legal Search candidate.


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