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"It's great to know that a Philadelphia-based placement firm like Abelson Legal Search is so knowledgeable about the Wilmington market and can be effective in finding top-notch candidates for us!"
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Q: What is the general time-frame to find the right lawyer or paralegal for my position?
A: Abelson Legal Search applies its extensive industry experience in a focused recruiting process. We do not stop until we identify the perfect match for you, our client. Partnering closely with you, we work with the time-frame that best meets your needs, normally providing appropriate resumes within a week of receiving a job order.
Q: What should I expect? How many candidates do you present?
A: Using Abelson Legal Search's unique, client-centered approach, we listen intently to understand your goals, then commit to communicating effectively to keep you informed during the process. We present as many qualified professionals as requested, to assure success in providing unrivaled staffing solutions. The usual presentation is 3-5 candidates for each position, although some employers request other numbers of candidates.
Q: What materials do you present to a client when you have a candidate to submit?
A: Following our extensive candidate screening process, we provide you with such useful documents as resumes, transcripts (law and undergraduate schools, and, where relevant, graduate school), references, deal sheets, transactional records, litigation highlights and writing samples, as well as our own comprehensive candidate evaluation letter.
Q: May I work with other recruiting firms if we decide to use Abelson Legal Search?
A: Of course, you are free to work with other placement services, although we hope you find our extensive access to the most qualified candidates, caring professionalism and sound judgment provide such comprehensive and aggressive services that no additional calls are necessary. We always are delighted by a client's show of support by offering us an exclusive search, but, unlike some other recruiting firms, we do not require such a commitment from you. We also are happy to work on either a retainer or contingency basis, as best meets your needs.
Q: Does Abelson Legal Search conduct a formal background check for candidate(s) and do you check references?
A: We meticulously screen each candidate presented for consideration. Background and reference checks can be part of that process to deliver exceptional personal service, recognizing, however, some reference checks cannot be made before a formal job offer. There is no additional charge for such checks. We also can provide background checks once there is a job offer, with hiring contingent upon the results.
Q: Describe your fee structure and payment plans.
A: There is absolutely no charge until a successful placement has been made. Recognizing the financial commitment involved in working with us to make an ideal match, we work closely with our clients to develop favorable fee arrangements and payment plans.


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