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"I have worked with Abelson Legal Search during the past 7 years and have found their diligence and integrity to be unrivaled. Since I have also worked for several other agencies during this period, I can make this judgment - there is a noticeable difference in their philosophy and the personal attention they give me. I have also found that they enjoy an excellent reputation in the legal community at large - the firms with which they have placed me have mentioned the cooperative and professional attitude of the Abelson staff; and, that reflects well for me with those firms."
Experienced Attorney


Confidentiality is the cornerstone of successful legal recruiting. By working with Abelson Legal Search, every job seeker and every employer is assured all aspects of the legal staffing search process will be kept strictly confidential, no exceptions - ever!

Job seekers know their names never will be disclosed to a potential employer without their specific consent. There are no confidentially assurances with online job boards and print advertisements. There is nothing to deter an employer from responding to an inquiry by immediately calling your current employer. It might even be your current employer who is advertising!

Client law firms and corporations can choose how and when information about their job search is disseminated to potential candidates. They control all information about their hiring needs, rather having their business open to scrutiny by all, as in the case with many advertisements and job board postings. Our prescreening process means unqualified candidates know nothing about your needs.

If confidentiality is important to you, and it should be, please remember it is vitally important to us.

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