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"Abelson Legal Search enjoys that rare combination of a willingness to listen to a client's needs with an ability to execute flawlessly against filling an opening with tight time parameters. I would not only go to Abelson first for any future needs, but also have recommended my peers to call Abelson first."
Midwestern Divisional Counsel, Fortune 500 Company


Recruiting for Attorneys, Paralegals and Legal Professionals

Employers often want to understand more clearly our process as legal recruiters, so here is a quick summary:

  • Research - Before beginning work on any job opening, we ask questions to understand each position's requirements, and listen carefully to your answers. In addition to obvious things - years of practice, legal specialty, and educational standards - we also investigate other qualifiers, including a fit with your firm's culture.
  • Identify - Once we fully understand your needs, we begin a focused search to meet your criteria, using our extensive database of skilled attorneys, our deep reservoir of additional attorney sources and our ability, after careful research, to make "cold calls" to targeted candidates, capitalizing on our in-depth market knowledge. We contact attorneys who are "not looking," but who often are the best attorneys for the position.
  • Screen - We screen and evaluate carefully every potential candidate.
  • Inform - Only when candidates have passed our rigorous search and interview evaluations, do we share confidential information about the position, providing information you have suggested is important. We have developed a strong sense of your firm or legal department, the requirements of the opening and the job's long-term potential. We do not "sell" a position; we "present" it, so every step of the process is transparent and productive. We waste neither your time nor a candidate's by dissembling important information.

Only when all four steps have been completed successfully, do we present selected candidates for your consideration. Both parties now are well prepared to meet to discuss a potential match.


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